The Manna Bagel Company Story

Owners, Joseph & Dawn Bell

Joseph Bell grew up eating bagels for breakfast in his hometown of Boston Massachusetts. When he was a young boy, he asked his father if he could open up a bagel shop on the Cape Cod, where the family had a beach-side cottage.  His parents turned the offer down, but now 20 years later they are always proud to tell  friends & family about the Manna Bagel Company.   Dawn Bell is a Bristol girl. After graduating from Tennessee High, Dawn pursued a career in aviation as a pilot. She met Joe in Boston where she was flying for Northwest Airlines. Two years after they were married, Joe & Dawn decided to move back to Bristol, and in September 2002 they purchased Ojanen’s Bagel & Soup Café which became “The Manna Bagel Company”.

What is Manna?

The word “manna” comes from the Bible.  It was the heavenly food that God provided for His people in the wilderness (Exodus Chapter 16).  In the New Testament,  Yeshua (Jesus) referenced the manna when He said, “ I am the bread of life.  He who comes to Me will never go hungry, and he who believes in Me will never be thirsty.”  (John 6:35-36) The Manna Bagel Company is a place where people can satisfy their physical hunger as well as their spiritual hunger.

Our Mission:   

  1. To serve consistently great food that is fresh, and made from all natural ingredients (we add no preservatives) at a reasonable price.
  2. To provide a clean comfortable, and wholesome environment for people to gather for a meal with family and friends.
  3. To provide a fun working environment for our staff and employment opportunities for the community.
  4. To continually expand the business and provide positions for employee advancement, and long-term career opportunities

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